Do you just clean houses?
No! We don't just clean houses. To see what kind of cleaning services we offer, view our services page.

Why are we using this new system of window cleaning?
Window cleaning is dangerous work, there are up to seven deaths each year. As a result of this, window cleaners have new regulations regarding working at height. The UK's leading window cleaning companies are beginning to incorporate 'Reach and Wash Systems' into their work to ensure they are able to carry out their jobs as effectively as possible in a safe, responsible way.

Will the new system clean my windows as effectively as the old method?
We strongly believe that 'Reach and Wash Systems' provide a better clean than convential methods. Our new systems will not leave runs on your glass or leave you with dirty window sills. Reach and Wash Systems allow us to clean the full window in the most thorough way possible.

Why are my windows left wet?
The Reach and Wash uses pure H20, so when the windows, frames and sills have been scrubbed, washed and rinsed, no residue or dirt is left and the H20 dries to a natural finish.

What differences will I notice having my windows cleaned with H20 Pure Water?
With our new systems, there is a bedding in period. This is because our reach and wash systems clean the windows and frames right into each and every corner. Because of this, you may be able to notice a small amount of remaining residue after the first couple of cleans. Unfortunately, this is not avoidable, so we request that you be patient, after 2-3 cleans, the bedding period will have passed and our systems will clean your windows to a higher standard than before.

Can you clean the window above my conservatory?
Yes. Our new systems allow us to access areas which were previously incredibly difficult to reach. We are also able to clean obstacles, such as pitched roofs.

Are you reliable?
We believe that we are highly reliable. We will carry out all cleaning work at the agreed upon frequency... except in really bad weather conditions.

Will you call at the same time?
We strive to call at the same time, but due to extenuating circumstances (such as bad weather) this may not be possible. However, we do guarantee a regular and professional cleaning service year round. 
Commercial clients are able to choose the frequency in which they would like us to carry out our cleaning work (daily, weekly, fortnightly etc.) based on their business requirements. 

Do you offer one-off cleans?
We offer regular cleaning services to commercial and domestic as well as one off cleaning services.

We do not want our windows cleaned this time around
We require 24 hours notice for cancellation prior to cleaning your windows.

How much will it cost to clean my windows?
We are unable to provide exact costs in this capacity as cost is entirely dependent upon the services you require, the amount of work required, the length of time it will take etc. However, we will provide rough estimates over the phone after asking information regarding the property we will be cleaning. We are only able to give a full and accurate estimate once we have seen the property. 

Do I need to be home when my windows are cleaned?
It is not required that you be home while your windows are being cleaned. If you aren't home when the work is carried out, we will send a mobile text to you informing you that our work has been done.

Do you still clean in the rain?
Yes, we do continue to carry out our work even when it is raining.

Do you offer a guarantee?
If there is a problem with our work, give us a call within 24 hours and we will be happy to rectify this free of charge.


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